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Creating Opportunities to Help

With the Ivy Foundation of Montgomery, Inc. Annual Fund

The Foundation administers a variety of programs including scholarships, recognition awards, special projects, and the implementation of charitable initiatives to fulfill its core mission of enhancing the well-being of individuals, families and communities through the pursuit of sisterhood, scholarship and social equity.

Our foundation is significant because it is grounded in the interest of philanthropic pursuits and is one of the largest African American Foundations in the Montgomery, Alabama area, with in excess of 275 stakeholder members.

The Foundation's assets are accrued through voluntary contributions from its donors (i.e.: friends, affiliated stakeholder members, corporations, etc.) Additionally, the Foundation may receive funding through awards and grants from governmental agencies, foundations, and other entities interested in our work, but these variable revenues may be insufficient to offset some expense (i.e.: salaries, overhead, etc.).


Our success is, therefore, dependent on targeted fundraising.  Our Annual Fund initiative helps us to meet our goals and objectives through the application of contributions received for critical need areas that might otherwise not be responded to because of a lack of resources.

Please consider becoming one of our valued Donors!  When you support the Foundation, your dollars help us to achieve the following goals:
  • To identify, develop, and respond programmatically to issues within the community that negatively impact quality of life;
  • To support the development of evidence-based research and best practice initiatives that support the interest of betterment and equity within communities;
  • To raise the visibility and acknowledgment of women leaders throughout the community and to enhance public esteem for their contributions; and
  • To support the development of cutting-edge education and training opportunities for youth and young adults that will aid them in becoming capable and responsible leaders of their communities.

Give Today!  Your contribution is an investment in the enhancement of our community...

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With Other Ivy Foundation of Montgomery, Inc. Initiatives

Ways You Can Help

The Ivy Foundation of Montgomery, Inc. friends and supporters have many opportunities to get involved and show their support to our efforts to raise funds for the Ivy Foundation of Montgomery, Inc. Annual Fund and other Foundation initiatives:

  • Participate in special events and seminars - even offer us your expertise In-Kind as a trainer or facilitator;
  • Donate to, and spread the word about, special online fundraising campaigns;
  • Support Annual Fund year-end donor appeals;
  • Become a Foundation Ambassador and spread the foundation message to educate the public.

If you would like to get even more involved, please visit our Upcoming Events section, the Our Work section for program activities, and the Supporters section for donor opportunities! You may also contact us at if you have ideas to collaborate.

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